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Design Challenge

Eden Ames | March 2022

Getting familiar with the ianacare brand

After reviewing the brand identity and style guides, I pulled these particular slides into my artboard for easy reference as they were most relevant to the assignment:

  • Core Values

  • Tone of Voice

  • Color Palette

  • IG Approach

  • IG Examples

Inspiration and references

  • NPR

  • On Being

  • Fabulous App

  • Calm App


  • Hand drawn art

  • Alternating real-life photography with illustrations

  • Consistent font stylization

  • Brand color palette reflected in gallery view (even in real-life photos)

  • Animated app mockups & demos

Project Submission

Podcast IG Art

Ianacare - Designs-02.png

New Feature IG Post

Ianacare - Email Announcement-03.png

New Feature Email Blast

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