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Ianacare Social & Email Designs

Graphic Design & Illustration






1 Day

Social media and e-mail graphics created to announce new features for caregiver coordination app, Ianacare


  • Create an engaging post for Instagram to promote an upcoming episode of our podcast: Episode: Choosing Community Over Isolation

  • Create a highly visual layout to announce (2) new features using the content from this starting point

  • Create an Instagram post highlighting the same (2) new features in a way that contextualizes them within the product


The Ianacare Brand

After reviewing the brand identity and style guides, I pulled these particular slides into my artboard for easy reference as they were most relevant to the assignment:


Calm App

Fabulous App


Stylistic Themes

  • Hand drawn art

  • Alternating real-life photography with illustrations

  • Consistent font stylization

  • Brand color palette reflected in gallery view (even in real-life photos)

  • Animated app mockups & demos

Final Submission

Podcast Instagram Post

Organic shapes and coordinated colors create a sense of warmth and approachability. The inclusion of a moving sound wave gives the post some movement to draw the eye, while also setting expectations around what the post is about.

New Features Instagram Post

A set of (3) frames to give the viewer a sense of anticipation and interaction. The following frames showcase the new features inside of the product, displaying as a video, so viewers are able to visualize how they use these features in the app.

New Features Email Design

A redistribution of space between imagery and text to give the viewer more visual anchor points. Provided text was chopped into smaller, bulleted sections to make it more digestible.


The length of the design process is always variable, depending on the needs of the customer. In most cases, I strive to iterate off of real user feedback, setting up moderated or unmoderated tasks to test partial prototypes for usability and comprehension.



At the prototyping stage, I'm working closely with devs to ensure that expected behavior isn't only shown through the design, but annotated and documented for their reference as they bring the design to life.

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