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How Getting Pregnant in College Motivated Me to Become a Better Filmmaker

It was my second year of film school at DePaul University. The second line on that stick was so faint, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me...

American Marketing Association

Marketing the Best Picture Nominees of 2016

Awards season is like a free lesson in marketing and we can learn a lot about what it takes to market a movie—and perhaps more—by observing the campaigns of the 2016 best picture nominees.

American Marketing Association

New "Superbreed" of Unhappy Customers Shows No Mercy to Targeted Brands 

New research from Journal of Marketing examines a new superbreed of unhappy customers, appropriately calling them "brand saboteurs". 

American Marketing Association

What the Fast and Furious Movies Can Teach You About Serialized Product Innovations 

New research from Journal of Marketing shows how consumers respond to innovation series installments, such as sequels, updates and upgrades.

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