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Happy Hour Playing Cards

Product Design






1 Month

A full-deck of cards featuring 54 pieces of entirely unique, art-deco-inspired cocktail artwork.


After creating a board game, I realized I needed to build out the inventory of an e-commerce store to attract a buying audience. The idea to create a set of playing cards came from a love of Egyptian Ratscrew, Slapjack and other card games I played as a child combined with a Star Wars-themed deck of cards my husband purchased for me as a gift. Our love of cocktails inspired me to create a deck of cards that featured a different drink on every face.


The length of the design process is always variable, depending on the needs of the customer. In most cases, I strive to iterate off of real user feedback, setting up moderated or unmoderated tasks to test partial prototypes for usability and comprehension.



At the prototyping stage, I'm working closely with devs to ensure that expected behavior isn't only shown through the design, but annotated and documented for their reference as they bring the design to life.

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