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Hard Hat Plant Wall

Spatial Design




Creative Director/Co-Installer


2 Weeks

Spatial branding project for a general contracting company's breakroom, featuring recycled hard hats repurposed as planters.


During ideation, we referenced an installation in a dentist office which featured repeating toothbrushes attached to the wall. We took the concept of creating patterns from an industry-specific object (in our case, hard hats) a step further by challenging ourselves to think of an unexpected use for the object that relates back to the company's brand values. The client had recently adopted WELL Building Initiative's 10 concepts of a healthy building, which includes nourishment and clean air. This led to the idea of using a handful of hard hats in the installation to function has plant holders, to give a verdant nod towards themes of growth and wellness.




The length of the design process is always variable, depending on the needs of the customer. In most cases, I strive to iterate off of real user feedback, setting up moderated or unmoderated tasks to test partial prototypes for usability and comprehension.



At the prototyping stage, I'm working closely with devs to ensure that expected behavior isn't only shown through the design, but annotated and documented for their reference as they bring the design to life.

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